3byThree Berlin


A short documentary featuring Ray Mann, Deepchild and Kat Frankie.

3byThree Berlin – That’s 3 artists with 3 things in common in 3×3 minutes. This short documentary centres around three young Australian artists, who all chose Berlin as their new home. But despite the similarities Ray Mann , Deepchild and Kat Frankie have very different stories to tell.

I was responsible for the concept, storytelling, directing, filming, editing and sound. Auto64 lent a hand as DOP on the interviews and the title and credit sequences. He was also second cameraman, sound assistant and logo designer. The song in the opening titles is also his, a track called Coldshouldered featuring Peter Hollo (Cello) and Mr.Nylson (cuts) which can be found on the SYD|BLN 12inch released Feb 2014.

Language: English

More about this project here: http://3bythreeberlin.com/